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7 Things to Do Between Contractions During Labor

Much of the labor preparation resources I've come across are all about how to get through contractions: comfort measures, breathing techniques, positions, etc. What about what you should be doing in between contractions? Labor is a lot of work and it can be exhausting! Here are 7 things to do between contractions to keep you focused, relaxed, and ready to meet your baby! #laboranddelivery

What You Should Do If Your Labor Stalls: 11 Helpful Options

Labor is a lot of work and sometimes you don't progress the 'expected' 1 cm per hour and that's ok (that metric is outdated anyways). Sometimes you sit at 3 cm for hours on end and still go from 6 cm to baby in your arms in an hour! There are plenty of reasons for labor to stall. EVERY labor is different, but if you find labor has stalled for any reason, try doing some of these 11 tips. #childbirth #labor #doula

10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Tearing During Birth

Of all the pregnant ladies I have talked to, tearing is one of the most common fears.  Some providers just shrug it off and say everyone tears...Not True! As a mom who recovered from one birth with tearing and one me, you want to follow as many of these tips as possible.  Recovery was SO much easier postpartum without dealing with tearing and stitches. #tearingduringbirth #tearingprevention #childbirth

5 Secrets to Pain Free Childbirth

Pain free birth?...without meds!? Is that even possible??? YES! Our culture has deemed birth to the most painful thing that can possibly happen to you. Movies show women in labor screaming and yelling. Can birth be extremely painful? Yes, absolutely.  Does it have to be? No.  Even if you do everything "perfect" and follow all of these suggestions, you may still have a painful birth.  There are so many variables like baby's positioning, medications, previous trauma, etc that can impact things.  I can however say with confidence that if you do these 5 things, you WILL have a more comfortable birthing experience. #childbirth #unmedicated #naturalbirth