Options, Support, Respect: A Birth Story

What’s most important to having as positive birth experience even if things don’t go according to plan? Options, Support, Respect.  This momma had her college graduation ceremony in the hospital while in labor! She worked through some curve balls and had a positive, empowering birth. #childbirth #informed #positivebirth

The Push Past Birth Trauma and PTSD

***TW: Birth Trauma; I believe ALL birth stories are important and deserve to be shared. This is a beautifully written story about a mom’s traumatic birth that resulted in PTSD. If it would not be beneficial to you to read this story as you prepare for your own birth, please skip to one of the many other stories on this site.*** #childbirth #birthstories #birthtrauma

When an L&D Nurse Gives Birth

Epidurals aren’t the only option for pain relief in labor. This Labor and Delivery Nurse used IV medications and Nitrous Oxide to help her deliver her baby without an epidural. Check out her birth story! #childbirth #laboranddelivery #noepidural #ivmeds #l&dnurse #naturalbirth

The Power of Letting Go: A Hospital Birth Story

This momma was not planning to be sent to the hospital when she showed up to her midwife appointment. She let go of her plan for what she thought her birth would be like and surrendered to the birth she was actually having. Read the beautiful story of baby Kora! #childbirth #birthplan #hospitalbirth #unmedicated